RADIAN: meaningfully addressing new HIV infections in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA)

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It has been more than three decades since the global HIV/AIDS epidemic emerged, igniting a worldwide response and unifying a strong community to fight against the disease. Due to this effort, the global community now has the tools to meaningfully address new HIV Infections. Yet, in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), the HIV epidemic is still on the rise, 1 with more than 400 people becoming infected with HIV and 100 dying from AIDS every day in the region. 2

Too often, due to stigma, as well as many other factors, communities living with or at risk of HIV are not provided with the support they need to live healthy and productive lives. Focussed and impactful action tailored to addressing the specific challenges in the EECA region is urgently needed.

Gilead Sciences and the Elton John AIDS Foundation recently launched the ground-breaking RADIAN initiative, to address the challenges in EECA and ensure no one is left behind in the global effort to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

“Gilead and the Elton John AIDS Foundation have an established presence in EECA and extensive experience of working effectively with key local stakeholders for many years,” said Alex Kalomparis, VP Public Affairs, Australia, Canada and Europe at Gilead Sciences. “This has given us a greater understanding of the urgent needs in EECA and the necessary experience and strategy to respond. Supporting efforts to reach people living with HIV and address the overall burden in the EECA region is imperative to the global ambition to eliminate HIV/AIDS and to addressing onward transmission.”

Anne Aslett, Chief Executive Officer at the Elton John AIDS Foundation added: “Partnerships such as this are crucially important in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Having previously worked with Gilead Sciences on the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Key Populations (EECAKP) fund, we know how important it is to expand our efforts in the region. This partnership will aim to both prevent new HIV infections as well as support those living with HIV and AIDS in this important and diverse region.”

The RADIAN partnership will provide up to $25 million of funding over the next five years to support interventions and drive measurable impact in EECA, through the RADIAN ‘Model Cities’ programme and the RADIAN ‘Unmet Need’ fund, by addressing stigma, strengthening healthcare infrastructure and care models and increasing access to innovation.

The first RADIAN ‘Model City’ is going to be Almaty in Kazakhstan. Almaty has a high HIV prevalence with approximately 1 in 4 of the people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Kazakhstan residing there.3 The RADIAN initiative will provide innovative, community-led solutions to tackling disparities in Almaty, with a focus on HIV prevention and care, education, community empowerment and novel partnerships.
Local and regional organisations in EECA who share the vision of significantly improving the quality of care for PLHIV, addressing new HIV infections and deaths from AIDS-related illnesses are encouraged to apply for RADIAN grant funding. RADIAN grants for both the RADIAN ‘Model Cities’ and RADIAN ‘Unmet Need’ funds will be awarded through a structured, two-step, grants process managed by the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Join us in addressing new HIV infections and deaths from AIDS-related illnesses in EECA. Learn more at: www.radianHIV.org

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