Gilead Sciences: an active partner supporting the Fast Track Cities initiatives in France

This website has been created by Gilead for the purposes of disease education and awareness.

In an effort to fight the HIV epidemic globally, the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care IAPAC, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) and the City of Paris, joined forces in 2014 and endorsed the Paris Declaration.

This commitment was the first step in setting up a global network of cities and municipalities, today including more than 300 cities, all trying to achieve the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets by 20201. These efforts are the starting point to get to zero new HIV infections and zero AIDS-related deaths, the ambitious goal set up by UNAIDS2.

Since 2018, Gilead has supported the launch of the Fast Track Cities’ initiative in France. As an innovative company working to prevent HIV and help people living with HIV, we supported project leaders from more than ten cities in the country and in France’s overseas territories (the departements d’outre-mer et territoires d’outre-mer or ‘DOMTOM’) to join the FTC network and implement local programmes on awareness, prevention, optimized screening and linkage to care, as well as rapid initiation of treatment. Three cities have already shown a significant decrease in the incidence of new HIV diagnoses since implementing new programs as part of the Fast Track Cities initiative: Nice (-40%)3, Paris (-16%)4 and Montpellier (-36%)5.

In October 2019, Gilead France organized a dedicated meeting for the French overseas territories to discuss their efforts to address the HIV and HCV epidemics with their local and national representatives. At the event, the territory of Mayotte and the city of Saint-Denis de la Réunion officially joined the Fast Track Cities network by signing the Paris Declaration.

In addition to supporting the Fast Track Cities Initiative, during the 6th Global Fund replenishment conference in Lyon in 2019 Gilead France organized a meeting on north-south collaboration in the fight against the HIV and HCV epidemics. The aim was to highlight successes achieved and promising initiatives in scientific research, and to encourage policymakers’ commitment and non-profit organizations’ cooperation to end the epidemics.

North-South collaboration conference, Lyon 2019

As a further contribution to combat HIV in France, Gilead France has developed educational tools designed to help project leaders from relevant organisations who want to scale up their initiatives on innovative pathways to support people living with HIV or HCV. The tools provide information to help navigate existing (sometimes complex) legislative mechanisms and procedures that will make progress easier.

At Gilead, we have always believed in taking an inclusive approach to stopping HIV and are proud to continue actively working in partnership with others to get to zero discrimination, zero new HIV infections and zero AIDS-related deaths by 2030 .

Together we can get to zero.

Source: Gilead Sciences France – French Fast Track Cities map